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Does Datalore sound similar to Folklore? Yes, you've hit the bulls eye! The essence of our name lies in "Lore" meaning a body which observes a set of traditions and passes it onto the next generation. 7000 years ago, accounting was used in Mesopotamia to record the growth of crops and herds. Till now, the human race has been dipping its intellect to develop intelligent ways to handle data and use it. Datalore, has worked day in day out to learn the most advanced technology erupting from various facets of Data Science and has successfully developed practical ways to spread it to the masses. We came into existence when a desire sprouted to share our knowledge ; Here we are today, ready to pass it on to you.

Who We Are?

As professionals, we are committed to solve real world data problems. Based upon insights, a company can always take informed decisions; we are here to help anyone who is struggling with managing data. Which brings us back to our endeavour in forming Datalore. Long ago, when we were pushing our brains in engineering classes, a thirst for stepping into entrepreneurship dawned upon us. This desire intensified as the four of us got tangled in the daily grind of our jobs; which of course was necessary to get some real-world exposure in the beginning until one day, we touched base and decided to concentrate our efforts for a common goal. A mix of hardcore Data analytical skills combined with savvy marketing techniques makes our team unbeatable in the industry.

What we do?

Yes, we are Data Scientists who have worked behind the scenes of many successful companies. During our careers, we have come across students avoiding Data Science Courses. You are not to be blamed, working with Data can be a tedious task; which is why we have prepared ourselves to shatter many myths. At Datalore, we have gathered years of experience and applied it to produce a training module. It doesn't matter if you are an Engineer or an MBA, or an entrepreneur who wants to lay his hands on data, our training is designed to cater all categories of data enthusiasts.

Why Us

Research has it, a diverse team outperforms a homogeneous one. Our teaching is not limited to books and online courses, rather, we keep our minds open for new trends and new ideas. Even though we hold all the aces in the subjects like Predictive Modeling, Prescriptive Modeling, Optimization Modeling, Text Analytics and Big Data Analytics; we still know the difference between teaching Data Engineering & Data Science . With us, you can be assured that you'll have access to an advanced set of tools and knowledge.

Vision & Mission

"We make Data tell stories"

Datalore believes that the world needs more Data scientists. We are committed to establish a channel of education which empowers our generation to look at Data with a different viewpoint. We aim to project our capabilities to serve any industry seeking assistance to enhance their ongoing ventures. Every set of data has a story hidden in it; At Datalore, we extract vital info from the data and reveal untold stories.


Predictive Modeling

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Operations Research

Text Analytics

Time Series Analysis

Big Data Analytics


Classroom Training

The intensive four week classroom course will include Theory, Practicals and Assignments.

Online Training

The online course is available on demand. Please reach us for more information.

Corporate Training

We can make your employees speak Data Science

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